What names will be the most popular in 2023?

The official 2023 edition, which will be published on Thursday, September 1, reports on the trends that will be in place next year in the naming of newborns. Short, retro, nature-inspired or biblical: they will have 5 to 7 letters. Here are the top 20 names that will be in vogue next year.


[Mise à jour du 29 août 2022 à 13h00] For the publication of “Official Names 2023” of September 1, 2022, First provides an opportunity to take stock of the names that have become a trend this year and will always generate the same enthusiasm in 2023. After years of monopolizing the top of the rankings, Emma’s names for girls ( number one for 16 years!), and the boys’ Gabriel are no longer the favorites of their parents, who now prefer Jade and Leo. . In 2022, the latter were the most chosen names for naming newborns, and will likely continue to attract the favor of parents in 2023 … And if the arrival of the sixth place in the Alba rankings does not prevent the decline of names with “a”, the great fashion of the 2000s, short names are popular. The top 20 girls have an average of 5 letters; 7 for boys. Old names (Louis, Leon, Marceau, Madeleine and Josephine) are making a comeback, as are religious names, with the resurgence of “Adam”, “Aaron” and “Noé”. Finally, current events seem to influence the choice of names as well. Thus, the name “Elon” (on behalf of Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX) was assigned to 500 boys, which is 50% more than in three years. ‘Archie’, the name given to Meghan and Harry’s son, has also inspired many parents.

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The most popular girl names in 2022

In the top 3 female names for 2022 we find: Jade, Emma and Louise. Thus, the first name Emma, ​​present for almost 16 years and in the lead last year, lost its place in 2022 and moved to the third position, followed by Ambre, Alice and the magnificent novelty, Alba. Official names are also based on short names with few syllables (eg Ines, Lea, Romi, Iris or Anna). Another trend that should make an impression in 2023, as it will in 2022: retro names with Madeleine and Josephine. Eve and Manon, for their part, have lost their splendor, preceded by Anna and Rose, who continue their ascent as the first names of Victoria and Victoria.

Top 20 female names for 2023:

  • jade
  • Louise
  • Emma
  • Amber
  • Alice
  • Alba
  • Pink
  • Anna
  • Romi
  • Mia
  • Julia
  • Lina
  • Lou
  • Iris
  • Chloe
  • Agatha
  • Leah
  • Lena
  • Charlie
  • Ines
  • The most popular names for boys

    As for the boys, Leo, which means “lion” in Latin, takes the first place in the ranking and goes by the name Gabriel (previously undefeated in Paris for 14 years). In third place, the name Rafael may have many followers in 2022, followed by Arthur and Louis. Retro names seem to be making a comeback. Among the boys we will find boys named Louis, Leon and Marceau, and also Paul or Gabin.

    Top 20 male names expected in 2023:

  • Leo
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Arthur
  • Louis
  • Jules
  • Mael
  • Adam
  • Gaben
  • Noah
  • Hugo
  • Lucas
  • Liam
  • Sasha
  • Aaron
  • Leon
  • Isaac
  • Paul
  • Nathan
  • Noah
  • Names starting with the letter A, short names and “chameleons”.

    Official name authors Stephanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly Perrin say that after years of success, the “a” or “ia” names that have been in vogue since the early 2000s “continue to decline.” Short names such as Liam, Sasha or Leo are preferred, and the Old Testament proves to be a favored source of inspiration, with more Raphael, Eden and other Gabriels or Aarons.

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    Natural names: a trend that will continue in 2023

    According to Stephanie Rapport, there is an impact of Covid on the choice of names for children, and there is a “link with the emergence of environmental consciousness,” as she admitted to the Journal des Femmes. “During the confinement, there was a desire to return to nature, to the countryside. Then we imagine a boost effect that will evoke such rare names as Zephyr (wind), or even names that are already in vogue, such as Jade, Amber, Agatha, Rose and Iris.” In 2022, this nature trend is once again dominating with Jade, Rose, Ambre, Iris and Agathe making the top 20.

    Other nature-inspired names include: Aurora, Authomne, Etoile, Cassis, Leto, Soleil, Ob, Lun, or Nur (meaning light) for girls, and Abriel, Zephyr, Lou, Marin, Cosmin, Orion, Sirius, or Bosco (which means “tree”), without forgetting Lucas, which means “light” in Latin, Leo (lion), Como (Cosmos) and Wolf.

    Ancient Names: A Tribute to the Elders

    Old or retro names should remain popular with expectant and new parents, according to a naming official. Thus, we were soon able to find more and more little Alfred, Lucien, Emile, Felix, Lucien, Marcel, Marius, Pierre, Victor and Jacques in kindergartens. And among the girls, Colette, Louise, Alice, Angele, Helene, Madeleine, Marguerite, Suzanne or Nicole may well return. On the other hand, the names Marie and Jean should be assigned less frequently. “They defy classification but are still the most popular in France because they were number one from the turn of the last century until the late 1960s. But while they could legally return, they were victims of their success and their overly religious connotations.” – clarifies the Parisian Stephanie Rapoport.

    What about compound names?

    In general, the compound names our parents bore, such as Jean-Baptiste or Jean-Jacques, are in decline. However, some personalities, such as Lily-Rose, daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, or singer Luanne, have allowed compound names and spellings to come back to the fore. “Thus we find Lily-Rose always in first place among compound names with multiple declensions. It’s the same with Luana, which is also spelled Lu-Ann or Lu-Ein.” Parents also like to come up with their own names to create an original, unique name, which sometimes also allows them to reconcile their different cultures: for example, children are born with the name Lili-Nur.

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