What should we remember from the new Lamborghini NFT project? – Sports USA

The manufacturer is launching NFT activation within a few months and intends to offer its audience a variety of options, further accelerating its Web3 presence.

The Epic Road Trip, new NFTs from Lamborghini.

After the launch of the Space Keys series, and then a unique digital coin in honor of the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé, Lamborghini is embarking on a new NFT project, The Epic Road Trip.

Starting this Monday, August 8th, every month the motorist will be offering a series of four exclusive NFTs. Concept? One NFT resets every 24 hours for four consecutive days. Minted on the Palm Ethereum blockchain, the first three issues will be offered in an unlimited version for $196.30, while the fourth will be a limited edition of 63 pieces – a tribute to Lamborghini’s year of birth – for $1,963.

This operation will be repeated for eight months, until March 23, 2023. Each month, owners of the complete series will have the opportunity to unlock a piece of the digital puzzle allowing them to discover at the end of the campaign a “hidden Lamborghini Car (…) very rare and unique”. While further details remain to be clarified regarding the final outcome of these drops, we already know that holders of all monthly issued NFTs will receive a special NFT.


In addition, buyers of three unlimited monthly NFTs will receive new wallpapers, while owners of two complete collections will receive a digital sketch created by Mitya Borkert, Lamborghini Design Manager, for two consecutive months. Owners of four complete and consecutive series of NFTs will have the opportunity to take part in a VIP tour of the brand’s headquarters later next year.

With this new project, Lamborghini intends to rally its brand community around new perspectives, inviting its fans to follow the various stages of the launch on its Discord server rolled out just a few days ago.

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