What would the Alien Isolation sequel look like?

Four columnists give their point of view, and the cat decides at the end: who had the best eloquence and the best rhetoric, who best defended his arguments – in good or bad faith – on the subject: “What would do you think an Alien Isolation suite looks like? “

We will only expose below some of the arguments by the columnists, it’s up to you to discover the others in the video:

  • Indee : “I really liked Alien Isolation. For a sequel I might like more open environments. It can seem complicated to scare in a more open world, but games like Evil Within 2 have done it very well. You have to alternate the open areas and the confined moments, and put more random ones and less script. “
  • Lox : “I love the Alien license, but I hated Isolation! Give us skill, spend 90% of a game having to hide, it makes me drunk! Give me the means to defend myself, to show my abilities! You need more rhythm, more combat, I’m tired of being just a victim! “
  • Ken : “Alien Isolation, you can do almost the whole game by looking at your feet! In a potential new episode you should be able to burn everything, I want to burn the living queen! Give me a flame thrower, or let me play the Predator “
  • Maeva : “Isolation was a very good game, with great scenery! I would like to play Ripley or even her cat, to explore the zones. A bit like when we play Clank in Ratchet & Clank.”


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