What you need to know about Crypto Banter

The main personality and founder of Crypto Banter is Ran Neuner, a South African resident and crypto expert who has been featured on CNBC. Like most crypto personalities on social media, Neuner can be found frequently tweeting about blockchain and crypto on his Twitter account. He launched Crypto Banter as a live weekday phone show where anyone can ask him any questions they want when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Since then, Crypto Banter has grown into a variety of different hosts. You can watch the Crypto Banter broadcast live on weekdays at 10 a.m. EST, which lasts between half an hour and an hour. Past shows are available on the YouTube channel.

In addition to answering questions and chatting with special guests, Crypto Banter covers a variety of topics related to cryptocurrency trading. This could include chart patterns, crypto trading indicators, as well as specific hedging on individual altcoins. However, the channel also covers everything that is happening in the broader crypto markets, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

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