What you need to know about the French Bulldog

Origin of the French Bulldog

This breed of dog is the result of crossbreeding between terriers and English bulldogs held in popular areas of Paris in the late 19th century. The goal was to get a small dog. Initially, the French Bulldog had two main functions: a rat hunter and a guard dog. That is why merchants and other merchants especially appreciated watching warehouses. Since the 20th century, he has been adopted by people from high society due to his sharp mind and especially sweet nature.

French bulldog physique

  • size: 24 by 32 cm (female) and 27 by 35 cm (male);
  • weight: from 8 to 13 kg (females) and from 9 to 14 kg (males);
  • hair: short and shiny;
  • coat colors: fawn, fawn with white, brindle, brindle with white;
  • head shape: square with a very short muzzle;
  • the shape and color of the eyes: round and dark in color (mostly brown);
  • ear shape: wide at the base with rounded tips, always erect;
  • other features: the tail is short and often curled.

french bulldog personality

With a cheerful and playful disposition, the French Bulldog is also a hyper-sensitive and very affectionate dog, able to adapt to the personality of its owners. Intelligent and lively, he can be patient and calm when needed, making him an ideal companion for children as well as the elderly. He is also a very courageous dog who will not hesitate to put himself in harm’s way to protect his owners.

french bulldog health

Due to the very short muzzle (which also explains his frequent snoring), the French Bulldog can have breathing problems. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. It is also susceptible to certain back conditions such as herniated discs that many French Bulldogs suffer from.

His eyes are also quite fragile and require frequent washing with a suitable lotion. As the UK VetCompass study shows, the fragile health of the French Bulldog is the weak point of the breed. published in the journal Canine Medicine and Genetics. The life expectancy of a French Bulldog is 9 to 11 years.

french bulldog price

The price of a French Bulldog male varies from 800 to 3200 euros. The price of a female varies from 750 to 3200 euros. These differences are explained, in particular, by the pedigree of the parents and the conformity of the animal to breed standards. In the vast majority of cases, the purchase price of a French Bulldog is between 1,000 and 1,500 euros. The annual maintenance cost is about 1000 euros.

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