What’s new in Windows 11 Annual Update?

This is the event of the year for Windows 11. The operating system is evolving right away with a big update loaded with new features. The program includes cosmetic and software improvements, increased security, optimized performance and additional settings.

As for the interface, the first big change is in File Explorer. Like web browsers, it adds a tabbed browsing system that makes it much easier to navigate from one folder window to another. On the left side of the navigation bar, you’ll also find a section at the top where you can pin your favorite folders. OneDrive online storage service is also highlighted.

For its part, the Start menu has been reorganized and more ergonomic. This menu can be configured in the “Settings” section and in particular in the section dedicated to “Personalization”. Thus, now we can collect application icons in thematic folders.

Thanks to the personalization option, it is now possible to personalize the Start menu icon classification into three models, and then go further. © Futura

Video editing made easy with Clipchamp

Also in “Settings” there are new icons and options designed for touch screens. The Windows Snap feature, which allows you to arrange multiple windows on the screen, has been replenished with new combinations. The Do Not Disturb option available at the bottom right corner of the screen is getting more flexible with more customization options to filter notifications as desired. You can also create alerts when a break is needed. In terms of apps, this Windows 11 update officially adds the Clipchamp app, an easy-to-use video editing software that was already offered directly for download to…

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