WhatsApp and T & Cs: Much ado about not much

The May 15 deadline has passed. And WhatsApp backed off. Even users who have refused its update will be able to use it as before.

For weeks, however, Facebook had warned: WhatsApp users could no longer access it without accepting new general conditions of use (T & Cs). Here, the managers of the service now explain that it will finally be possible to use WhatsApp without restriction, even by refusing the T & Cs.

“In view of recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we would like to clarify that we do not currently plan to limit the operation of WhatsApp for those who have not yet accepted the update,” explained the company. Instead, we’ll continue to remind users of our update, especially in cases where people use relevant optional features, such as communicating with a business that is supported by Facebook. “

On May 11, a German data regulator banned Facebook from processing the personal data of WhatsApp users in the country.

The new terms of use provide for the exchange of personal data between WhatsApp and Facebook, which can be used to improve services, but also for monetization and advertising targeting. Signal, one of the main competitor of WhatsApp, claims to have benefited greatly from this crisis, recruiting en masse new users.

Both Elon Musk and Edward Snowden have recommended using Signal following recent changes to WhatsApp’s terms of service. Signal is recognized by many organizations as one of the most stringent secure messaging applications in security and data protection.

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