WhatsApp: How do I use my account on multiple devices?

If there’s one option that WhatsApp lacks, it’s the ability to use your account on all of our devices – before, you had to keep your smartphone close to you to make everything work. Knowing this shortcoming, Meta rolled out an option to allow the instant messaging application to be used on multiple terminals.

WhatsApp account can be installed on multiple devices.

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Thanks to the latter, you will be able to find your conversations on another smartphone, tablet, or even computer. The process works on Android and iOS and allows you to connect up to four additional devices to one account. Here are the steps to follow.

First you need to make sure that the application is up to date. You must have at least version 2.2210.10. Once the customized version has been uploaded, you will need to go to settings.

On Android: Click the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of your device. Then select “Connected Devices” from the drop-down menu.

On iOS: Go to the “Settings” menu in the lower right corner of the app. Then click Connected Devices.

On Android / on iOS

WhatsApp then displays “Connect your device” and indicates that it is no longer necessary to have a connected phone for the mode to work. Click on the tab (blue or green depending on the OS).

Press the green (Android) or blue (iOS) button to connect.

Press the green (Android) or blue (iOS) button to connect.

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Allow the app to use your camera if it hasn’t already been done. Then go to WhatsApp website:

Be sure to select the desktop version (not mobile mode) if you want to use the software on your tablet.

Go to the WhatsApp website to generate a QR code.

Go to the WhatsApp website to generate a QR code.

Scan the QR code displayed on the browser page. The connection is instant and you see your latest chats.

After scanning the QR code, the connection is established immediately.

After scanning the QR code, the connection is established immediately.

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Can be disconnected from a computer/tablet or smartphone browser. Don’t forget to do this if you’re connecting outside of your home.

Don't forget to log out if you are using

Don’t forget to log out if you’re using away from home mode.

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Now you can find all your chats, photos and videos on your new device!



WhatsApp is a free and secure messenger that allows you to keep in touch with all your friends or family, you can download and install it on all platforms.

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