When AI allows you to interact with the dead, especially Holocaust survivors

Marina Helen Smith, a British Holocaust activist and co-founder of the National Holocaust Center and Museum in Laxton, Nottinghamshire, England, is a devout Christian who died last June at the age of 87.

During the funeral, she was “revived” by artificial intelligence, allowing posthumous communication with her loved ones, the British and international press reported this summer.

During the event, she answered questions from her family and friends who came to pay their respects.

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The project was made possible by the work of Stephen Smith, Marina’s son, and his company StoryFile, of which he is co-founder and Managing Director.

Thus, his technology allows you to have a “conversation” with a person, “as if he were there,” he explained to the BBC.

Before her death, her mother actually answered a few questions about her in front of the camera.

During the conversation that took place with her during her funeral, artificial intelligence thus chose and broadcast the most appropriate answer to the question asked.

According to Steven Smith, the words spoken by the hologram of Marina Smith really belong to her, and not to artificial intelligence.

His startup StoryFile was born when its founders wanted to create interactive holograms of Holocaust survivors.

The Marina H. Smith Foundation website now invites you to chat with Marina. In particular, she talks about her family, her struggle for the victims of the Holocaust and her vision of the world.

In 2017, the USC Shoah Foundation, founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, announced a similar Holocaust survivor hologram project.

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