When part of a SpaceX capsule falls into a field in Australia

But it is not. It looks like an “alien obelisk,” explains an astrophysicist contacted by two breeders. The object comes from space. These are composite materials, including carbon fiber, to resist the heat and signs of calcination due to re-entry. It’s really part of the space capsule: the leaky barrel needed for the car to take off, but which the ship gets rid of before reaching Earth.

This space junk from SpaceX’s dragon capsule

This Elon Musk car was used last April to get to the International Space Station. Proof: these things just have a serial number on them. The moment of wonder and selfie has passed, and the two Australian farmers are a little worried as they look back. “It could have caused some damage to our house,” one of them said. And eyes turn to Elon Musk, boss of SpaceX and Tesla among others and as such responsible for the fall of this obelisk!

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