When teens are afraid of the vaccine

Until vaccination of young people aged 12 to 15 aheadI am concerned about the fear of some teens about the vaccine.

Confusion of consciousness

Last Wednesday, dinner time. I am taking this opportunity to allow my children to discuss and ask questions about COVID-19. I noticed that my oldest drink all kinds of sources of information. Some are of good quality, others are not.

For example, I realized that they might stumble upon a video on TikTok where someone is moderately truthful about immunization. Result: Children walk away in fear and create disaster scenarios for themselves without wasting time to confirm what they heard with their parents.

I have nothing against TikTok. I love that, Tik Tok. But this gave me the idea to organize family councils where we try to share our fears and questions. I want to make sure everyone understands what’s going on with the various pandemic topics.

Then back on Wednesday. Faced with the possibility of being vaccinated, my children verbalized the following fears: the injection and the side effects. I could tell that they had seen, read and heard all sorts of things and that they were confused, which made them a little apprehensive.

It’s up to us

As Mr. Lego polled the public this week asking us to try to convince those who resist, I told myself that we parents have a great opportunity to make sure our teenagers have the right time.

Please be aware that in Quebec a person aged 14 and over has the right to refuse any type of service, whether it is necessary for their health or not. Therefore, if we do not want our teenagers to be vaccinated against stomach fear or give up the vaccine, it is up to us.

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