When the PlayStation 5 meets the Raspberry Pi thanks to Remote Play

The Playstation 5 and the Raspberry Pi do not really come to play in the same category. On the one hand, you have an ultra powerful console capable of generating realistic lighting effects thanks to ray tracing. On the other, a mini computer with limited performance.

And yet, when these two products come together, it can bring interesting experiences to life.

The Raspberry Pi 4 – credits Raspberry Foundation

A YouTuber actually took it into his head to connect his PlayStation 5 to his Raspberry Pi using Sony’s Remote Play.

PlayStation 5 x Raspberry Pi 4

Far from being a recent technology, Remote Play got its start in 2006 and therefore 15 years ago. Originally offered on the PlayStation 3, the tool simply made it possible to send the video and audio streams from the console to a PSP or a PS Vita.

Subsequently, the Remote Play has experienced several major updates, updates that have allowed it to extend to more devices, such as the famous Xperia of the brand.

The PlayStation 5 also supports technology, a technology that seems to open the field of possibilities.

Remote Play made possible by Chiaki

Indeed, a YouTuber particularly skilled with his ten fingers has taken it into his head to use the Remote Play to connect his PlayStation 5 to his Raspberry Pi. To do so, the latter has chosen to rely on a free client and open source supporting Remote Play, Chiaki.

After installing the tool on his Raspberry Pi 4, he therefore activated the Remote Play function on the PlayStation 5 to be able to redirect the streams from his console to the mini computer. A mini computer to which he then connected a Bluetooth controller.

And if his video is to be believed, then the solution works. It even works quite well, with minimal latency. And if the experience is not quite the same as that delivered by the PlayStation 5 due to the technical limitations of the technology, it at least allows our hacker to continue playing when the rest of the family squat the TV. of the House.


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