When the Xbox let the MCU down

Tue May 24, 2022

This is the story of the week in the world of video games. Why ? Because it attracts the big players in the sector: Playstation, Xbox, and in the middle, a cabal of Marvel superheroes!

Xbox is betting on its intellectual property

To understand, you need to go back a little in time. In the 2010s, Marvel rose to prominence with its movie franchises, but would also like to invest in the world of video games. In 2014, they called on Jay Ong to be Marvel’s VP in charge of games. Its goal is simple: to allow video games to be as successful as the new MCU. So at the time Spider-Man and the X-Men were major adaptation franchises with more or less success, let’s not lie to each other!

A strategy that will push the company to look for a very large partner, even if it means a break with the development studios responsible for the games of the time. Marvel decides to reach out to the console makers, and here’s what it all comes down to! Xbox explicitly announces that they are not interested and prefer to focus on franchises they already own. After this rejection, Sony sees the door ajar, bursts in, signs a partnership and especially an exclusivity with Marvel. In the process, the superhero brand is spun off from Activision, which has been publishing and developing its games since the 90s, to put its full trust in the Playstation studio!

Another competition story!

The competition between Xbox and Playstation is not the only thing that can be remembered in this story. Another fight is between DC Comics and Marvel. At the time, the Batman games, and especially the Arkham series, were a real hit. Marvel’s goal is clear, clear and to the point: to do better than its direct competitor with its own superheroes. Sony accepts the challenge and will approach Insomniac and, above all, put a small $100 million ticket on the table!

We know the rest! Playstation, Insomniac and Marvel are bringing Spider Man exclusively to PS4. One of the console’s greatest successes, but also one of its best-selling games. The Miles Morales spin-off will even headline the catalog for the Playstation 5 release, and we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s incredibly successful!

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