When Video Games Meet Classical Music

The soundtrack of the most popular games of recent years in a symphonic performance.

© France TV

Broadcast July 8 at 21:00 on France 5.

A great initiative by France Télévisions to broadcast in prime time, even if it’s not the most viewed channel, rebroadcasting a concert that mixes two areas that are not necessarily attractive to everyone: classical music and games. Recorded in 2021 during the Chorégies d’Orange festival, this program offers almost two hours of video game soundtracks performed by the Marseille Philharmonic Orchestra against the backdrop of impressive 3D projections.

The musical choice is quite original, as the priority seems to have been given to the successes of recent years (Skyrim, The Witcher, Halo), as well as games developed by the French (Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, Dishonored), rather than the classics. there are no melodies known to everyone, like those of Mario. A good gig that should be appreciated by fans and perhaps reveal to those who have never held a controller in their hands, modern games are as well illustrated musically as the movies.

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