Where to buy PlayStation 5 in Belgium?

Are you still looking for a PlayStation 5 for yourself or for someone close to you? Here is where to buy the console in Belgium.

PS5: where to buy if you live in Belgium?

Since its launch in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has faced a terrible shortage of supplies. It’s hard to reach the console. The lack of components, the global pandemic and the complexity of production slow down the spread of the console. To arm yourself, gamers must be cunning, arm themselves with patience and keep their ears open. Since its release over a year and a half ago, many shopping sites have listed the console for sale. This applies to Amazon, Cdiscount, Coolblue, Fnac, Bol or MediaMarkt. If you can’t find PS5 for sale, create an alert or drag it to your wishlist. You will then be notified in case of restocking.

The PlayStation site sometimes has consoles, but you have to be quick here too. Instead, we advise you to register for Sony Private Sales. If you are attracted, you will receive a sell slot during which you can buy the console (assuming stocks keep coming). In any case, don’t lose hope. Inventory levels are low, but home consoles arrive regularly.

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A few tips and tricks to optimize your chances of buying a PS5

– Pre-register your personal and banking information on merchant websites. This will save you valuable time when you are battling hundreds of internet users to keep your cart contents.

– Follow the Twitter accounts or Twitch channels of game specialists. They announce stock availability faster, and some even announce sales ahead of time. The Chocobonplan website has developed a dedicated channel for Belgium that only includes Belgian alerts.

– It’s easier to find PS5 online, but some brands are also getting store inventory. To avoid being rushed, they don’t make any announcements and these PlayStation 5 stocks remain fairly private. Feel free to walk through the shops from time to time. Audacity is paying off, and internet users have been able to purchase the console by regularly visiting stores near their homes.

➢ Check availability of PlayStation 5 at the following retailers:

→ PS5 promotions on Rakuten

→ PS5 promotions on Coolblue

→ PS5 promotions on Amazon

→ PS5 promotions on Fnac

→ PS5 Promotions at Media Markt


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