Where to find PS5 on sale before Black Friday? Today’s Promotions

PS5. After two major mid-week sales, we’ll help you find a new or used PlayStation 5 in stock at various French retailers.


[Mis à jour le 10 novembre 2022 à 11h49] Finding a Playstation 5 is always a long way off. Sony’s “next-gen” console is celebrating two years on the market but remains elusive for consumers who have to wait for rare arrivals and respond within ten minutes to try and buy the console. A tricky situation for buyers who always have the option of going to the store to try and find console packages without the certainty of success. To help you with your console purchases, we offer you our live console inventory monitoring as well as the best used deals on resale sites.

  • 11:36 a.m.: Playstation 5 available in ex-use and heavily priced from Rakuten (see below)
Console Sony Playstation 5 Digital Edition

Console Sony Playstation 5 Digital Edition

You’ve probably already figured out that finding a new Playstation 5 console in classic stores is almost a feat, even if things seem to be getting better on resale sites. Lines as long as your hand, stocks that disappear in minutes, product pages that no longer work… The list of pitfalls to buying a PS5 is long. If you want to avoid these difficulties and are ready to open your wallet, you always have the option to buy a new or used PS5 from a certain store. Beware, however, sky-high prices.

CDiscount is well ahead of French retailers in its propensity to put Playstation 5 consoles up for sale again. The famous e-commerce site, although not very regular, boasts of offering consoles at least once a week during these months, more often at the end of the month. as packages, not just consoles. Typically, these packages contain a digital or standard console, one or two DualSense controllers, and several console-exclusive games. The best advice we can give you for a quick purchase on their site is to create an account in advance.

PS5 promotions on CDiscount

Amazon pretty much dominates the e-commerce market, information that will surprise no one. In the field of Playstation 5, the American site remains a rather weak student, selling the console with a frequency of two to three times a month. Only PS5 sales are usually reserved for Amazon Prime members, although the site offers a waiting list for all buyers who want to get the console. In addition, all European buyers have access to console sales in France, making PS5 sales on Amazon the shortest on the network.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

PS5 on Amazon

Leclerc isn’t the most consistent French retailer when it comes to re-stocking Playstation 5 consoles, but it’s still one of the top picks across all platforms. Why ? Because the site limits orders to one copy per person and manages to contain the sudden influx of visitors in case the PS5 restocks. At the beginning of October, the stock of the console remained on the famous site for more than 5 hours, which allowed many latecomers to finally have time to win the Holy Grail, which became the latest Sony console.

Also, in addition to web-exclusives sold online only, you have the option to go to the store to find a Playstation 5. FIFA 23 PS5 packs are currently flooding the market, and it is quite possible to find them in stores for a sudden fortune. If you pass in front of Leclerc, feel free to go there to ask a question.

PS5 stocks at Leclerc

Fnac, France’s favorite retailer, is not one of the Playstation 5 sales champions. The e-commerce site rarely offers a console, although that rarely means an average of once or twice a month. Typically, these sales take place on Tuesday or Wednesday and include both individual consoles and fairly extensive packages. Also note that, as per’s advice, you can add a product to your wishlist to find it directly on your profile section of the same name. You can then add it directly to your shopping cart, avoiding cluttered product pages.

In addition, the much sought-after console in stores can be found in Fnac stores in recent weeks. You can always contact the sellers to see if they have multiple copies in store. We’ve heard of some buyers finding the console, especially since FIFA 23 packs arrived at the end of September. Indeed, Sony is gradually starting to reach good production quotas, and it seems that some Fnac brands manage to deliver several copies of the console daily. Like, nothing to ask.

PS5 Promotions at Fnac

You will understand this if you follow the news about the latest Sony console. The PS5 has become one of the most sought-after high-tech products in France since it was released in November 2020. The status she hasn’t left since makes her appearances brief and her purchase difficult. Buying a PS5 is a discipline in itself, with its own rules and methods, but also its little perks of giving you an edge over your neighbor who’s also looking for a Playstation 5. We detail all of our little tips just below as little tips. and a slideshow of tricks.

The PS5 is still suffering from a shortage of supplies, and while this article isn’t infallible, it’s still aimed at giving you a weapon to try and buy a Sony console as soon as possible and without a hitch.

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