Where to pay in cryptocurrency in Japan (2021 guide) NetCost & Security

At present, there is still little information on cryptocurrency payment in Japan and much of this information is out of date, inaccurate or even plain wrong.

So here is a list of places in Japan where it is possible to pay in cryptocurrency for you. This article should clear things up for all crypto holders curious about where to spend your funds on your next visit to Japan.

But first, here are two questions that you certainly want to know the answers to if you plan to spend your cryptocurrency in Japan: “Are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies legal in Japan?” and “Is Bitcoin Accepted in Japan?”

Are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies legal in Japan?

What you should know: In 2017, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were officially recognized by the Japanese government as a valid payment method. However, cryptocurrency is currently considered in the archipelago as a “digital asset” and NOT as a legally recognized currency or means of payment.

So, cryptocurrencies are legal in Japan and it is already that. However…

Is Bitcoin Accepted In Japan?

The answer to this question is: “Yes, But … ”

If you’ve been to Japan even once, you must have noticed that cash payments are still very common there and that many places in Japan still do not accept credit cards. Some will see it as a certain form of archaism, others an atypical cultural choice.

Still, if the options are already limited for bank cards, you can imagine that the situation is even more complicated for Bitcoin and other Altcoins!

And even if digital payment options and their use have seen a marked increase in recent years in the archipelago, there is still a long way to go towards the generalization of these new means of payment.

What does this mean for the holders of these new digital assets that are cryptos?

Well to sum it up, in Japan, it is possible to buy and hold cryptocurrency legally, but it is not yet or very little possible to pay for your purchases with it.

So despite Japan’s recognition of the official status of crypto, your options for spending your Bitcoins in the Land of the Rising Sun are still very limited. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

With our list, you will still find a few places and stores in Japan that accept cryptocurrency.

Japan Japan Store Bitcoin Btc Bitcoin

1. Bic Camera

Bic Camera deserves an article in its own right so much the range of products that can be bought there is wide.

It is one of the largest retailer of electronics and household appliances of all kinds in Japan, but you can often find other products, such as souvenirs or food, depending on the store you visit. Currently, there are over 40 stores across Japan with a wide selection of products, which you can zero-rate when you return.

And this great chain of stores is a must-see for those of you looking to spend your Bitcoins because they have been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2017 !

Therefore, Bic Camera is without a doubt the most interesting and accessible store to spend cryptocurrency in Japan!

2. The other shops

Some shops and stores in Japan have been accepting payments in cryptocurrency, usually Bitcoin, for some time, including bars and restaurants.

We can cite among others:

  • Nikugatou, a popular restaurant in Tokyo
  • The Hackers bar in Tokyo
  • Heichinro, a chain of Chinese restaurants present in particular in Tokyo and Osaka
  • Yukizaki, a chain of stores selling luxury items (jewelry and watches) present throughout Japan
  • Cucina Naha, an Italian restaurant in the town of Naha, Okinawa

There are of course other rentals that already accept Bitcoin payments and certainly even more that will accept crypto payments in the future as the number of shops that accept virtual currency payments is steadily increasing in Japan. .

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