Which countries are influencing the cryptoeconomy? France ?

Governments around the world are now striving to integrate cryptocurrencies into the mainstream economy, with varying degrees of rules, and varying degrees of success. But which countries will be the future leaders in defining the role of cryptocurrencies in global financial systems?

Dublin, Ireland-based fintech start-up Coincub has released its global cryptocurrency ranking for 2021. It uses 18 criteria – including government regulations, number of overseas exchanges, banking activity in cryptocurrency and the acceptance of decentralized finance (DeFi) – to determine how favorable a country is to cryptocurrencies. A government’s openness to cryptocurrency exchanges, the levels of legislation it has produced and its acceptance of digital currencies in general are also taken into account in calculating its scores.

The company also uses qualitative metrics to cover the general level of institutional acceptance and openness to cryptocurrencies in a country.

France in 9e position

The results show that the United States leads the global cryptoeconomy, with growing opportunities for new investors. The trends indicate that the United States, Canada and Singapore are leading the way as economic influencers, while the United Kingdom and Germany are in the middle. France is in 9e position.

Global cryptocurrency ranking – which countries are influencing the cryptocurrency economy? Coincub.

“Most cryptocurrency rankings focus on quantitative criteria, such as research statistics or the number of available bitcoin distributors. But we go further: we look at the whole picture, including legislation, taxation, the position of institutions and social perspectives. Anyone who wants to learn about the cryptoeconomy can learn and be up to date with the regulations, ”says Sergiu Hamza, Managing Director of Coincub.

“Like any financial space, there are legislative traps. We answer questions about regulatory issues, by country, with up-to-the-minute data. “

The ranking criteria are changing

Having a holistic view of how cryptocurrency is viewed in your country can be beneficial for those new to cryptocurrency and regulatory impacts like security, legislation, and compliance. However, there are opportunities for the “crypto-curious” – as long as you do your own research.

And, like the cryptoeconomy, country ranking criteria will evolve and adapt as new laws emerge in countries, and new exchanges appear in the market.

Cryptocurrency newbies should do their homework to get an objective view of the cryptoeconomy in their country – to avoid falling for Ponzi scams and “vapourware”. Not all cryptocurrency investors will get rich quick, as many cryptocurrencies seem to promise.

Cryptocurrency: a path strewn with pitfalls

How well does your government accept cryptocurrency? No matter how cheap electricity is, if the government bans cryptocurrency, you may find yourself in a difficult position when it comes to making transactions.

In which countries are you most likely to find a safe place to buy and invest in cryptocurrency? Countries with more reputable cryptocurrency exchanges that can operate in any country in the world mean more choice for consumers and a better chance of being able to buy and sell cryptocurrency with ease.

For many, their “safe” investment in the latest and greatest cryptocurrency might turn out to be the biggest mistake of their lives – unless they do their homework and make sure they realize the value of any investment can go down as well as up.

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