Which food processor is right for me?

An expert in the kitchen as a beginner, the robot cooker is suitable for all profiles. Its benefits? It packs a lot of features into one device and is usually intuitive enough for anyone to use. With linked recipes, it promises a variety of dishes and lets you unleash your creativity…

The big difference between a robot cooker and another multifunctional device lies in its very name: cooking, or rather cooking, which allows you to go beyond simple culinary preparation.

Increased permeability. Thanks to various accessories (whisk, knife, mixer, steam basket, etc.), the robot cooker replaces many household appliances. Thus, it allows, despite certain dimensions, to optimize the space in the kitchen.

No limit. Most models are easy to handle and also easy to clean and store: this is important, otherwise they can quickly be forgotten. Manufacturers are working on the ergonomics of these devices and offer practical models with a touch screen for convenient and intuitive operation.

Correct price. Depending on its technical equipment, the equipment provided and the brand, the price of a food processor varies greatly. The range varies from 400 to 1500 €! To make a choice, you’ll have to choose between your needs, options such as connectivity, and a selection of accessories (included or purchased separately).

Juices, cold or hot dishes, stews or even cakes, you can (…)

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