While driving during a curfew in Caen, he hit a police officer to escape.

A 32-year-old man was convicted for hitting a police officer during a traffic check during curfew in April 2021. Illustration ©Liberte

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Sadio*, a 32-year-old man, appeared before the Criminal Court of the city of Chisinau. Caen (Calvados) for “rebellion and violence against those in positions of power”, “drug management”, “possession, supply and transfer of drugs”. The facts refer to Thursday, April 8, 2021 at Cana.

Cannabis, heroin, cocaine

23:20, Thursday, April 8, 2021 During the curfew, a police car patrols the public road. The car is then hurriedly parked and the driver tries to drive into the yard of one pavilion before hiding in the yard of another. He is joined by the police to verify his identity, which he cannot justify.

At first, the exchange is rather cordial, and while two policemen check to see if the man has hidden anything in the garden, a third remains by his side, asking him, in view of his obesity, to kindly approach Sith. This is what is done in control cases where handcuffs are not justified. But when alone with the policeman, Sadio jumps up and hits him on the head before running away.

“He’s trying to rot in police custody”

Finally caught, he is brought under control through the use of a tear gas canister. In the car, the police seized several packages of drugs: 10.63 g of cocaine, 13.94 g of heroin, 23 g of hemp, 4 g of grass. They also find four phones, scales and 2,640 euros in cash. While in police custody, Sadio tested positive for cocaine and cannabis. He confesses that he smoked a few days ago.

At the hearing, the defendant stated that the car was lent to him, but could not say by whom. He adds that, apart from the phones meant for his family in Senegal, what was in it was not his. He also assures that he did not actually try to escape.

When I wanted to get up, a policeman grabbed my legs, but in all my life I have never tried to hit a policeman.


He has 12 entries on his record and has already been in jail for drug dealing. His residence permit is invalid as of October 2021.

The civil lawyer suspects the man of constant concealment. The prosecutor continues to regret that “we do not have all the questions: what about the police custody, which he tried to “rot”? Climbing stairs stumbling, with a tight string around your neck? She demands a mixed offer.

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Firm nine months

The defense replies that he was pushed during the arrest, that this must be taken into account and that there is no evidence that he was a drug dealer.

If Sadio is released for acquiring, possessing and selling drugs, he will be found guilty of assaulting a police officer who was hit on the head and sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which 9 months. He will have to pay a total of 1,400 euros in damages to the three victims and 800 euros in legal costs.

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