Who is Maj? Whistleblower in Twitter/Musk folder

Peter S. Zatko, better known as Mudge, is the former head of security at Twitter. He’s the one who just made the startling revelations to the Wall Street Journal, pointing out the security shortcomings of his former organization.


The revelations are part of a lawsuit between Twitter and Elon Musk to take over the social network for an estimated $44 billion. Recall that this procedure was initiated at the request of Twitter after the termination of the operation by the Musk camp.

The reason: too many fakes on the platform, not enough information to shed light on, and under-rated fakes, according to Musk, who was the subject of a Twitter poll of 103 million followers of successful entrepreneurs.

What is Mudge’s past?

In 2010, Mudge accepted a position as a program officer at DARPA, where he oversaw cybersecurity research. In 2013, Mudge joined Google in the Advanced Technology and Projects department. In 2020, he was hired as head of security for Twitter.

What is his experience with Twitter?

Mr. Zatko joined Twitter in 2020 after a teenage hacker hacked into the verified accounts of political leaders, but was fired by the company in January.

His position in the organizational structure allowed him to interact directly with Parag Agrawal, the CEO of the platform. Also, the same CEO would have fired him after exposing serious cybersecurity breaches.

The fact that the company is flaunting its incompetence to discredit any critical accusations that Mr. Zatko may make. Twitter lawyers also declared him an opportunist in the case.

Given his past functions, it’s obvious he still looks legit, and Elon Musk’s lawyers have told CNN they want to question him in the current case.

Therefore, the individual must prevail.

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