Who is this young man expelled from a meeting with Emmanuel Macron in Barcelona?

Thursday, January 19, 2023 was a black day for the French, more than 1 million of our compatriots took to the streets against the pension reform of the government of Elisabeth Born. An accident of the calendar, on the same day the signing of a treaty of friendship between France and Spain was planned for a long time. Therefore, the President of the Republic spent the day away from slogans and parades. But during a meeting with Emmanuel Macron in Barcelona and the French community, the young man decided to remind him of the problems by wearing a T-shirt that had a message from the opposition written on it.

We went to meet this young activist, Youssef Hanayen!

Youssef Hanayen is a young Frenchman from Barcelona, ​​a former student of the city’s Lyceum Français. He is also committed to rebellious France.

Together with him, we follow the events and discover the attitude of the presidential administration, which, having expelled him, finally allowed him to attend the meeting in a sitting position.

Massive mobilization against pension reform in Barcelona

We will also try to understand the motives of Youssef Hanayen. And they are numerous, like the mobilization of the French Lyceum in Barcelona, ​​where more than 2/3 of the staff took part in the strike movement.

Renault Le Berr presents a letter to the President of the Republic in Barcelona, ​​19 January 2023

So did Renaud Le Berret, elected EELV consul and former NUPES candidate in the legislative elections, who delivered a letter against his reform project to the President of the Republic. According to an anecdote, Renaud Le Berre is one of Youssef Hanayen’s former teachers.

Listen to the podcast with Youssef Hanayen!

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