Why artificial intelligence endangers artists

Journey to the heart of AIcase

Since this summer, many artificial intelligences that allow you to create images from text descriptions have become paid and generate income at the expense of the creators whose work fuels these AIs.

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Drawing a dog with sunglasses riding a skateboard is now just a click away thanks to the plethora of artificial intelligences that are thriving on the internet. But AI does not create these ex nihilo images. To achieve them, they trained their algorithms on text-image databases. The problem is that most of these databases, full of artists’ work, were originally collected without the permission of the creators.

In this video, Clementine Mercier, culture journalist, talks about the impact this technology has had on the lives of artists. In addition to not having the tools to enforce their copyright and protect their work from being used, they have to deal with a market flooded with a tsunami of AI-generated images.

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