Why does Tremplin Numérique invest in Energyfi?

Decentralized finance (commonly known as DeFi) is more than an abstract theory, it is an ecosystem in its own right.

What is DeFi?

Unlike the traditional centralized financial system, this innovation now allows players to bypass intermediaries such as brokers, banks or even insurance companies to benefit from loans, insurance and other products through smart, automated and tamper-proof contracts.

Even venture capitalists like (very famous in the industry), as well as the largest institutions, do not want to miss the boat of a market that has grown, according to Bloomberg, from $ 12 billion in 2020 to more than $ 12 thousand. million in 2020. 80 billion in August 2021.

However, two problems arise:

  • Transaction costs sometimes high;
  • The gigantic carbon footprint left by the excessive energy consumption of this type of networks.

The appearance of a “green” and economic solution to this problem is more than urgent, and this is where the Energyfi project comes into play.

Can the Energyfi project change the rules of the game?

To begin with, in a green approach, the token (a token is a cryptocurrency that is based on a pre-existing blockchain) Energyfi EFI excludes any “mining” (which requires a phenomenal amount of energy, such as Bitcoin mining warehouses) .

Therefore, the Energyfi token is based on a PoS type system (Proof of Stake or “proof of stake” in French), much more energy efficient than the traditional Proof of Work (in French: “proof of work”) in particular used by Bitcoin. .

Operating on Binance Smart Chain (the public blockchain developed by Binance, a famous cryptocurrency platform), as well as on two of the blockchains (data transfer systems) most recognized for their ecological sustainability (Near & Avalanche), the EFI nt project is not just a token, but a complete ecosystem for a greener, more transparent and more practical world.

In fact, your goal through mass adoption is:

  • Simplify the work of all blockchain developers;
  • Let investors launch their project on EnergyPad, the fundraising platform of the Energyfi ecosystem. This provides the possibility for cryptographic projects and startups to sell their tokens through decentralized mechanisms without resorting to the opaque and complex process that is (from the Initial Coin Offering in English, in French “first number of tokens” – refers to a digital fundraising method at the start of a project).

EnergyFi also offers a decentralized exchange platform (DeFi). Therefore, it will allow these new projects to be established through a dedicated platform where players can buy and sell said token, and eliminate any risk of lack of liquidity.

All about the EFI token

Energyfi will facilitate the launch of crypto projects, while limiting their negative impact on the environment and planet as much as possible. However, is there interest for an average person to invest in this token?

First of all, buying EFI tokens will allow you to pay for all future applications based on this technology and to use certain EnergyFi services (for example, loans and borrowings).

Second, having EFI tokens will give you the opportunity to earn interest on them and thus generate passive income through the redistribution of the earnings generated by EnergyPad.

In addition, the token design constantly reduces the number of EFI tokens available for each transaction (0.5% of the transaction is burned each time) – it is a deflationary system whose price will appreciate as the market price increases. Trading volume increases (law of supply and demand).

Finally, your EFI amount will always increase as all EFI token holders are proportionally redistributed 1% of the project transaction fees.


EnergyFi therefore appears to be an ambitious project. First on the side of the developers who would look for a “green” alternative for the launch of their project and an all-in-one solution. Then, on the side of investors who will benefit from a fully transparent ecosystem that offers services such as loans / loans in crypto and a deflationary investment by nature that brings them passive income.

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