Why “Israel” sent one of its agents to kill “one of the most ferocious” in the Lion’s Den. A resistance operation on a 16-year-old boy’s French Hill?

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This Sunday, October 23, the resistance group “Arine al-O’sud, La Fosse aux lions” announced the martyrdom of one of its most vehement leaders of the resistance to the Israeli occupation, Tamer al-Kilani. (Tamer al-Kilani)

As shown in a video released by the group, he was killed by a motorcycle TNT bomb planted in his path (video) around 1:20 a.m. on Sunday, October 23, in the old quarter of Nablus city, the group said.

In the second video, a helmeted man is seen jumping off a motorcycle in Tamer’s path before disappearing.

“It was also broadcast by Lions Pit to support their accusations that he was killed in an Israeli attack through an accomplice,” explains Palestinian columnist Adel Chadid.

Tamer al-Kilani among his comrades in the Lions’ Den

This group, founded last September, is made up of elements belonging to various factions of the Palestinian resistance in Nablus and Jenin. This includes the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, and Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. He called on Palestinians to confront Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank.


“He was one of the most ferocious fighters in the group,” Lion’s Den said in a statement about Tamer al-Kilani.

The Israeli occupation authorities have attributed a series of attacks to him in recent months.

According to Yediot Aharonot, it was Kilani who sent Mohamad al-Minawit (Minawit) to Jaffa to later go to Tel Aviv and carry out the execution operation there.

According to the Israeli TV channel KAN, the martyr al-Kilani is behind the Israeli army shelling in Nablus, that he planned the IED explosion at the Kadomim gas station, and that he is behind the explosive device thrown at the Israeli army near Hafat Jala. d and more…

pere_kilaniFather Tamer al-KilaniThe mother of the martyr Tamer al-Kilani during the farewellThe mother of the martyr Tamer al-Kilani during the farewell

“Israeli Occupation Knows Nothing About Honor”

“The occupation does not honor its army and knows nothing about honor, it did not study it, but only studied the ways of humiliation, meanness and betrayal, it and its accomplices,” the Fosse aux lions group criticized, condemning the way it was liquidated. Promising to reveal the details of the murder of the martyr al-Kilani and threatening a “sharp and painful response.”

According to Israeli affairs expert Alif al-Sabbah, “Israeli occupying forces resort to the help of their agents whenever they fail to achieve their goal with the help of special forces or drones.”
The way he was killed shows, he says, that they couldn’t get to him. Mr. Sabbagh expressed his fear that Israel will increase its use of the assassination policy through its agents in the coming period, especially since the revolutionaries enjoy great popular support in their circles.

Impotence and nightmare

According to Hamas, the way in which “Kilani was killed shows the helplessness of the occupiers in their confrontation with the growing resistance, especially from the Lion’s Den.”

Islamic Jihad, for its part, considered the group to be “an unsettling nightmare that haunts the enemy in its sleep.”

Meanwhile, the PFLP warned that “the attack will not succeed in containing the revolutionary expansion, and the response will only increase resistance and confrontation on all fronts.”

8 years in prison

kilani_childThe 33-year-old martyr Kilani was married and had two children.
Accused of belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), he spent 8 years in Israeli occupation prisons.

in boiling state

Riots against the Israeli occupation have been raging in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of the year. Everything happens: collisions with stones, and shooting, and attacks with the use of firearms or lethal weapons … About 130 Palestinians died.

11 Palestinians arrested

At dawn on Sunday, 11 Palestinians were arrested in several cities in the West Bank, including a woman and her daughter, who were arrested in the Al-Dahrat area in the Al-Isawiyat district in the east of the city. -Quds.

The Israeli occupying forces said they captured two former detainees, Abdallah al-Amayrat and Nader Azmi Abu Khalil, from Dora south of Al-Khalil, and two young Palestinians, Ahmad Mezher and Ahmad Abu Hadid, from the Al-Dahichat camp south of Bethlehem. as well as two brothers Ihab and Odai Jamal Adwan from the locality of Azun east of Qalqilat (Kalikilat) to pressure their brother to surrender.
Two other young Palestinians, Ahmad Abdel Ghani al-Tamimi (at-Tamimi) and Ahmad Daud al-Tamimi, in the village of Deir Nizam, west of Ramallah.

Operation on a 16 year old boy?

rajab1On Saturday, October 22, Israeli soldiers tracked down and then opened fire on a 16-year-old Palestinian teenager using helicopters, accusing him of stabbing a settler near French Hill in Al-Quds.

According to an Al-Manar correspondent, Israeli media reports that Palestinian teenager Mohamad Rajab Abu Kteich was hunted down by occupying forces in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, claiming he had a knife.

Israeli media later reported that he was killed by Israeli police special forces who opened fire on him as he left the Sheikh Jarrah futsal stadium and killed him. But according to al-Manar, his martyrdom has not yet been confirmed. He was two kilometers from the place where the settler was slaughtered.

However, several resistance factions, Islamic Jihad, the Palestine Resistance Committees, the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement and Hamas have welcomed the operation against the settler on French Hill, without specifying who is behind it.

martyr_rabbiMartyr Rabbi Arafat Rabi (32 years old)

Martyr at Kalkiliata

On the evening of Saturday, October 22, a young Palestinian, Rabbi Arafat Rabi (32), was killed by a bullet in the head from Israeli checkpoint 109 in the area east of the city of Qalqiliyat.

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