Why the Covid-19 Crisis Will Raise the Cost of Mutual Insurance in 2023

The surge in prices is also catching up with supplemental health insurance, but not for inflationary reasons. Mutual insurance premiums will increase by an average of 4.7% in 2023, Mutualité française reported on Thursday, January 5. They are driven by a “sharp rise” in reimbursements last year, but growth will still remain more than one point “below inflation” of 5.9 in 2022, the organization notes.

In particular, these price increases will affect working people more than pensioners: so-called “collective” agreements (of companies or professional subsidiaries) will increase by an average of 5.7%, and individual agreements contributions will increase by 4.1%.

Progress was determined by the results of a survey of 35 organizations, covering 18 million policyholders, is specified in a Mutuality press release. The announced figure of 4.7% significantly exceeds the growth announced in 2022 (+3.4%), which already stood out from previous years (+2.6% in 2021, +2.4% in 2020).

Multiple phenomenon linked to the end of the health crisis

This acceleration is justified by a “dramatic increase in reimbursement” within two years, with a 10% increase in reimbursement compared to 2019, or 49 euros per contributor. One culprit is the post-Covid ‘catch-up care’ phenomenon: the French population will be treated for all health problems, delayed or delayed, in order to bring order to an overburdened hospital during a health crisis. The other responsible person is, according to Mutualité, the “100% health” device, an assistive device that allows free access to certain medical equipment and, in particular, increases sales of hearing aids.

In November, parliament also voted for a €300 million tax on supplementary health insurance. The Solidarity Contribution, also referred to as the Covid tax, aims to fund health care costs by taking on parts of the virus-related reimbursement instead of social security.

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