Why the price of CRO will be difficult to maintain | Cryptocurrency

  • price is consolidating just above the previous bullish entry point.
  • The 8-day simple moving average is just below the current price.
  • Trend Invalidation – Violation below $0.12.

The price of remains the beneficiary of the bullish setup this week. However, liquidation is possible.

CRO price faces turbulence

The price of CRO is witnessing price movement in both directions until the end of the third trading week of July. On July 18, a bullish thesis was expected with the possibility of expanding targets around $0.15.

The price of surged 10% before facing a sharp rejection near the $0.14 barrier. Traders who took part in the promotion are back to square one as the price of CRO hovered just above the breakeven point at $0.1311.

In the short term, the price of CRO is still bullish, but a selloff in the $0.12 region is possible. A break below the 8-day moving average at $0.1280 could catalyze further bearish market conditions.

The uptrend invalidation is $0.12. A breach of this level could give the bears an opportunity to target $0.10, resulting in a 20% drop in’s current price.

In the following video, our analysts dive into the recent CRO price action by analyzing key levels of market interest. -Team Netcost-Safety

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