Wikipedia: Katherine Maher to step down from Wikimedia Foundation in April

Katherine Maher in January 2020. Photo: Carlos Figueroa / Wikimedia Commons / CC by-sa

It is a seven-year term that will end in April: Katherine Maher, the executive director of the Wikimedia foundation, announces this Thursday that she will leave her position on April 15, via a statement to the Axios site that she tweeted and commented on.

Executive Director since March 2016

Katherine Maher, 37, plans to return to the east coast of the United States – the foundation’s headquarters are in San Francisco. It will have spent in the foundation more than a third of the existence of Wikipedia, launched on January 15, 2001.

Director of Communications since April 2014, she was chosen as Interim Executive Director in March 2016, after the departure of American-Russian Lila Tretikov.

The latter left after less than two years, in a context of crisis: member of the board of directors rejected by the community for his past participation, at Google, in a cartel offense, controversial internal search engine project, departures key employees …

Lila Tretikov had replaced in June 2014 the Canadian Sue Gardner (who, she stayed five years).

55 million articles in 300 languages

After three months as an interim, Katherine Maher was confirmed as executive director in June 2016. Axios indicates that the foundation’s board of directors has created a committee to look for Katherine Maher’s replacement. Before joining Wikimedia, she was Advocacy Director of Access Now, an American Internet user rights organization.

Previously, she worked for Unicef, the World Bank and the National Democratic Institute. Katherine Maher is featured in 50 languages ​​… in Wikipedia.

Twenty years after its birth, the free encyclopedia exists in more than 300 languages ​​(55.7 million articles in total). Edited by 280,000 volunteer editors every month – for all languages ​​- Wikipedia is viewed more than 15 billion times a month.

From July 2019 to June 2020, the Wikimedia Foundation received $ 129 million and spent $ 112 million. By 2015-16, she received $ 82 million and spent $ 66 million – both numbers are growing every year.

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