Wildcat Gun Machine, cat hell from bullets –

Beware of furballs and hordes of enemies: Wildcat Gun Machine, developed by Chunkybox Games and published by Daedelic Entertainment, features a series of fast-paced themed levels that will delight sci-fi fans and animal lovers alike.

On paper, everything is perfect for the game to be a success: electronic music with a good rhythm, cartoony visuals, enough monsters to diversify the fun, several weapons to unlock… And a series of dungeons to explore, a recovery story there bonuses , not forgetting to eradicate any form of life, monstrous or mechanical, that is there. And after you “cleared” the level by killing the main villain, the question arises of doing the same with the next level, then another level…

It’s undeniable that visually it’s a success: everything is beautifully drawn, the colors are bright, the monsters and the heroine are very well designed, etc. Normally, all this would be a sign of a good game, or at least a game that we will dedicate minutes to 30 or even 60, just to clear my head.

After all, we rarely get interested in the dungeon, or even bullet hell, due to its narrative structure. So the rest needs to be solid enough to hold everything without a major dramatic revelation in the last act.

The problem here is that the Wildcat Gun Machine is just… ordinary. The music is good, yes, but it loops for a few minutes, and you get tired of it quickly. As for the monsters, their design is quite original, but when it takes fifteen or even twenty shots to kill some of them, we are no longer in a shooter or even a dungeon crawler, but in a patience simulator. Oh, some special weapons can be effective at taking down the toughest monsters, but the same weapons are only available with limited ammo. So the player can find themselves in the middle of machine gun fire, blowing up enemies here and there, but suddenly it’s back to a small gun that can be useful, yes, but whose power is minimal.

Another annoying aspect is that the game allows you to “save” lives, and death, thankfully, does not mean the end of the game. However, it is difficult to understand how the resurrection system works. For example, during the fight at the end of the level, death leads to three options: start all over again from the place of our death, losing a life; start again from the nearest checkpoint without losing a single life, or start again from the center of the map, which is the starting point of the level.

If we choose the first option, we will have the right to imagine that we will return to life with the bad guy on duty, ready to resume the fight. However, the resurrection takes place rather outside the battle arena, without the restoration of special ammunition, while the fight against great evil will have to be resumed from the very beginning. Why?

In short, Wildcat Gun Machine is a game that tries very hard to be relevant and interesting. And if he is not quite in the field, then the result is strong enough not to drop the title in the turnip category. But it’s also incomplete enough to make you want to move on.

Machine gun machine Wildcat

Developer: Chunkybox Games

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series/One (tested on Windows/Steam)

The game interface is offered in French.

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