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The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, developed and hosted by the Natural History Museum London, England, presents incredible images each year that highlight the beauty of nature, but also its fragility. The names of the winners of the 2022 edition were announced at a ceremony that took place on October 11, 2022 in the English capital.

Getting out of the game by submitting pictures to the jury of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is not easy. The competition consists of 19 categories, each of which determines the winner. 38,575 submissions from 93 countries were anonymously judged by an international panel of experts who judged them for their originality, storytelling, technical excellence and ethical practice.

“Lonely Woman in the Center”

This year’s top naturalist prize goes to American Karin Aigner. She captured a strange tangle of bees, low above the ground, circling on the hot sand of a Texas ranch. “In his bee-level close-up, all but one are males and they intend to mate with a single female in the center,” the statement said. The jury praised the photographer’s sense of movement as she became the fifth woman in 58 years to win first prize in this competition. His photograph also reminds us that these insects, called cactus bees, are threatened by habitat loss, climate change and even pesticides.

Karin Aigner shares the podium with a young Thai 16 year old. Katanyu Wuttichaitanakorn wins Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. Bride’s whale was his model. The various textures that make up his body fascinated the young photographer: that fluffy mustache, his dark skin, or even the pink color of his gums. “Wildlife photographers bring us unforgettable wildlife experiences by sharing never-before-seen details, fascinating behaviors and first-hand accounts of climate and biodiversity crises,” said Dr. Doug Gurr, museum director.


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