Will Donald Trump be back on Facebook soon?

Banned since January 2021, Donald Trump may return to Facebook and Instagram in the coming days. The former US president may indeed return to the Meta platforms soon, a spokesman for the US company said a few days ago. “In regards to the potential recovery of Donald Trump’s account, the group will announce their choice in the coming weeks,” said Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Meta.

After the Capitol was stormed on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended for two years for inciting violence. Thus, the suspension that began on January 7, 2021 will expire.

Decision taken by the internal working group

An internal task force, made up of heads of several departments, including Meta’s communications, content policy, security and integrity teams, was tasked with deciding whether to reinstate Donald Trump. Nick Clegg, ex-number 2 of the British government, who became the manager of international affairs of Meta, should announce this decision soon, the Financial Times points out.

At the time of Donald Trump’s account suspension, Nick Clegg said the company would evaluate “external factors, including instances of violence, restrictions on peaceful gatherings, and other signs of civil unrest” to determine whether his account should be reinstated. Nick Clegg also said in a statement that Facebook will impose “a strict set of rapidly increasing fines” if Donald Trump violates company policy in the future.

Last October, the former American president was already able to find his Twitter account, which has over 87 million followers, after Elon Musk bought the platform. He hasn’t posted anything yet, preferring his Truth Social platform, which he launched in February 2022.

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