Will Gévaudan 1851 become the best student video game ever?

The return of the beast is in vogue. The video game “Gevaudan 1851”, created by the students of the 3D Pôle school in Roubaix, in the north of the country, seems to be on its way to becoming a benchmark in the world of PC gaming. The school, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has just learned that this game is a finalist for Pégase, the movie equivalent of Césars. The awards ceremony will take place on March 9 in Paris.

This good news follows last week’s selection of the world’s six best independent games, presented at the end of March at the IGF (Independent Games Festival) in San Francisco, USA. Sort of like the Oscars for video games.

Around the legend of the Zhevodan beast

“We have to wait for the awards, but this double selection shows that the level of our training is at a high level,” emphasizes Olivier Carlo, director of the video game sector at Pôle 3D.

Zhevaudan 1851 is a game developed by nine students based on the legend of the beast of Zhevaudan. “This is an exploration in a semi-open world with real-time impressionist design, representing a true technical feat,” emphasizes the Roubaix school in a press release.

The plot takes place in 1851, after the coup d’état of Napoleon III. The countryside is on fire and entire villages have been emptied of their inhabitants. The player must investigate these mysterious disappearances, attributed to the return of the beast from Gévaudan, which raged between Lozère and the Haute-Loire a century earlier. Brrr!!!

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