Will Macron legalize marijuana to fill the sharply empty state treasury?

Will legalize? not legalize?

Many elected officials, spurred on by their constituents, are considering and campaigning for the legalization of cannabis.

Legalization of cannabis: 31 socialist senators announce they are working on a bill

In an op-ed published on Wednesday 10 August 2022 in Le Monde, 31 parliamentarians defend its legalization. According to these senators, “the situation is untenable” and “the French are ready to discuss the consumption of so-called recreational cannabis.”


Macron likes to do at the same time and to please, a blow to the right, a blow to the left.

By the start of the school year, Macron will launch hospital reform and transform our pension system and dependency care,


Hospital reform = privatization…

Transforming Our Pension System = You Will Work Until Age 67

Dependent care = to please your left deputies and senators.

Two “pleasures” on the right versus “pleasures” on the left. Will MACRON legalize cannabis to restore parity?


In the past, there was already a legalization of a prohibited product. In America, the repeal of Prohibition did not change the consumption of alcohol in any way, but only made it possible to fill the treasury of the state. Filling the state treasury is very tempting for the Minister of Economy, who spends more and more without counting. Using a three-cushion pool table can be very tempting to get legalized as a source of income without presenting yourself as the initiator.

I’m fighting, you certainly can’t imagine this Machiavellian blow from the minister, perhaps, perhaps a little smoke in the salons of the Elysee? Or his experience as minister of agriculture gave him the idea of ​​diversifying our agriculture, which is in a bad state today. The advantage of hemp is that it is very well adapted to our new heat.

There is little difference between the ban on the sale of alcohol and cannabis, before alcohol was allowed. Otherwise, we are in the same situation.

In this article ;, we find the same description in the lifting of the ban and what legalization will be for us cannabis. Legalization is not a solution, there is only a solution to the extermination of human traffickers. Extreme solution? We have Dar Malin, ready for anything, in the Ministry of the Interior, who only thinks about getting out to fuck the Minister of Finance at the finish line of the Élysée. Of course, these extreme measures would not be the same as my more radical ones. He told himself that he could fire all the first-class ticket sellers without hesitation. The finance minister, he said, would agree to finance trips on the condition that consumers remain, who are suppliers of VAT and taxes of all kinds.

Comparison: the ban on these two types of business, the sale of alcohol and marijuana.

1/ The development of this industry required considerable funds, bootleggers became omnipotent characters. This explains the massive development of mafia-type organized crime due to Prohibition. This led to the birth of gangs, true “crime syndicates” with numerous ramifications. These gangs controlled a network of clandestine factories, distribution centers and clandestine drinking establishments connected by fleets of trucks and vehicles controlled by an armada of heavily armed thugs.

change “bootleggers” to “islamized scum” and the description of the situation is identical

2/ Thus, voting for a ban will have unexpected consequences in American society. The first of these was the creation of an atmosphere of lawlessness and insecurity, maintained by long-term impunity for organized crime agents. In this climate, the whole ambiguity of the Prohibition phenomenon is revealed. thus the perverse effects of Prohibition expose the hypocrisy behind Puritanism.

By the early 1930s, the failure of this attempt was obvious and widely recognized. It was clear that Prohibition had created a boom in organized crime and greatly increased the damaging impact of corruption in the political class and the judiciary.

H sellers, overwhelmingly discriminated against Muslims, have long been protected by UMPS as victims of racism. By not building a prison, they got the solution of the excuse “it’s not me who is different” and the opportunity to release a repeated criminal was arrested 18 times. The repeat offender can make a discount on the purchase of Powders in return.

3/ The Great Depression of the 1930s and the scourge of unemployment finally got the better of prohibition and forced legislators to act. Concerns about restoring tax revenue lost by the federal government were combined with a desire to create jobs.

The legalization of drugs will bring huge profits, as in the case of tobacco; The state received 15.3 billion euros thanks to taxes on tobacco products related to tobacco-related taxes

4/ It is also necessary to measure the extent to which Prohibition caused a qualitative and quantitative change in organized crime in the United States. This would be the starting point for the development of serious crime and mafia networks that have survived to this day, replacing the lucrative trade in illegal alcohol returned to the public domain with the industry of prostitution and gambling, and then that of drugs more recently. Thus, the ban was the cause of a radical change in the scope and sophistication of organized crime in the United States until today.

The legalization of marijuana will not change anything, there will always be drug addicts, and the simplicity of the proposal will create new ones. Cannabis will continue to wreak havoc in society by participating in an endemic multi-generational idiocracy in all walks of life. Anesthetized brains will be more likely to no longer respond to the dictates of the state.

On the other hand, the drug lords who have created small kingdoms where they are omnipotent, generating colossal tax-free sums (between 500,000 and 800,000 euros per year), will not give up their lifestyle with cars worth 70,000 euros, air travel, and family holidays in Marrakech. At the bottom of the stairs their little soldiers, 15-year-old sentinels at 3,000 euros a month, will not give up their crazy money. Everything will turn, as after the abolition of Prohibition, into serious criminal and mafia networks.

In America, unlike us, there was no racial aspect to the new crime. Serious crime and banditry, coupled with hatred of France, could be very bloody.

A serious crime after the legalization of cannabis could cause a civil war.

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