Will Sony go into cloud gaming?

It looks like Sony is thinking about expanding its cloud gaming service to integrate it with all existing devices.

Ever since Sony launched its new PlayStation Plus formulas, the competition against Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass looks even tougher. Although the two services are very similar, there are still some differences, and cloud gaming is one of them. Although Microsoft has been leading the way in this area for several years now, Sony is determined to catch up.

Streaming flash drive on the way?

A new patent that has been discovered by GameRant predicts PlayStation cloud gaming on more media, such as connected TVs or even as a TV stick. For now, this offer is reserved for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, especially PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Vita and PSP backward compatible games, on latest generation consoles or PC only.

The patent refers to an “end-to-end device for cloud gaming.” As a comparison, Sony mentions devices already on the market such as Amazon Fire Sticks, Google Chromecast or even Roku. At the same time, Microsoft is currently developing its own version of the Xbox Cloud Gaming TV box, which should appear in the coming weeks.

PlayStation Now coming back soon?

So Sony’s inspiration doesn’t come from nowhere. The chart shows that this device will affect PlayStation Now, even though the service was discontinued a few months ago. Therefore, it may return to the forefront, or Sony may update its patent to cover the current PlayStation Plus. Sony’s vision for cloud gaming could also expand to reach more gamers.

Microsoft xCloud, for example, is available on mobile devices, allowing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to access their favorite games wherever they are, and with touch control integration for most games. A feature that is still missing from Sony and that doesn’t seem to be relevant to this TV-only patent.

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