Will the Nintendo Switch increase prices?

Nintendo speaks out after a PS5 price hike, an announcement that has caused havoc among gamers.

After Microsoft and its Xbox Series X/S, it was Nintendo’s turn to reassure its players. Since last week, the gaming community has been panicking over one announcement in particular: the official PS5 price increase. Sony’s latest generation console has just taken 50 euros off the bill, whether it’s a classic model or a digital model. This event, the first of its kind in the history of the brand, only made the rest of the gamers worry about the price of other consoles on the market.

And it’s not for nothing that Sony seems to justify this increase by citing component shortages as well as global market inflation… so many situations that also affect Microsoft and Nintendo, as well as many other players in the tech industry. But what about the situation for others? Is the grass greener somewhere? It seems so.

Price hikes, shortages… Where’s Nintendo?

After Sony’s announcement, Microsoft has already reassured its players by saying that the Xbox Series X and S will not raise prices… at least not yet. As for Nintendo, at the moment the situation also remains unchanged, and the brand trusts Eurogamer. It clarifies that it “does not plan to increase the selling price of its hardware products.” The statement even includes a quote from Shuntaro Furukawa from last June in which he states:

“While we cannot comment on our pricing strategies, we do not currently intend to change the prices of our equipment due to inflation or increased procurement costs in each country. We will determine our future pricing strategies through careful and ongoing discussion.”

Therefore, Nintendo Switch fans can rest assured that the Big N consoles will not burn out in the coming months, despite the fact that the situation is getting more and more difficult. In its latest financial report, the brand acknowledges the blow and complains about a drop in sales, a priori associated with a shortage of components. If it has spared it so far, scarcity eventually takes over many companies, and Nintendo is no longer an exception.

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