Will you have to sign a waiver for the AstraZeneca vaccine soon?


In France, it is no longer administered to people under the age of 55 due to rare cases of thrombosis. But could the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 soon be provided to all those who volunteer with this minimal risk? Health Minister Olivier Veran has approached the Higher Directorate of Health (HAS) in this regard, hypothesizing that the French who wish to do so can sign a statement. Proof that the government does not want to release this vaccine, which is causing real distrust.

“This is in order to free the state from its responsibility.”

There is fear in the numbers: there were only 27,000 daily injections of AstraZeneca in just a few days, up from 75,000 two weeks ago. The reluctance that falls in the worst of times as France has just received a supply of two million doses is the reason why management is looking for new ways to sell them.

“We are really surprised that the government is inviting patients to sign a waiver,” Jean-Paul Hamont, Honorary President of the French Federation of Physicians, comments into the Europe 1 microphone. “Because in fact it frees the state from its responsibility,” he said. “I would be surprised if this proposal was implemented.”

According to our information, the Higher Directorate of Health does not comment on the possibility of discharging patients. But perhaps she could extend vaccination to people younger than 55, if supported by reliable scientific evidence. If HAS goes in that direction, the idea would also be to educate patients more about the risks, even small ones, from the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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