Windows 10: Paint and Screenshot updates will be available on the Microsoft Store


Microsoft has released a new “preview” of Windows 10, with a customization option for its “News & Interest” taskbar widget. The company also announced updates to its classic application, Paint, and the “Screenshot” tool.

Paint reintegrated into Windows

The last preview of Windows 10 is not rich in new features. Even so, Microsoft eventually made some headway on its Paint (or MSPaint) application, which traditionally shipped with Windows and updated along with the operating system.

In 2017, Microsoft decided to freeze the development of Paint. The company even announced, to the chagrin of “fans” of the application, that it “could be removed in future versions” of Windows 10. At the time, it wanted to focus on its successor, 3D Paint .

But, after the public outcry, Microsoft changed course and decided that Paint would continue to exist on the Microsoft Store – it would just no longer be integrated into Windows 10. Then, in 2019, another change of plans: the classic application will make new part of Windows, with version 1903 of Windows 10.

Updates via the Microsoft Store

In a new blog post, Microsoft says the Paint application is now “updatable through the Microsoft Store, outside of major operating system updates.” If it does not appear to be available on the Microsoft Store for everyone yet, some are reporting that it is there.

Paint is entitled to a new icon, which is part of the redesign of application icons by Microsoft (Fluent Design). Paint will also be promoted in the Start menu.

Screenshot – which combines the “Snapshot and Sketch” tool and allows you to take screenshots – will also be updated through the Microsoft Store rather than major Windows 10 updates. has been packaged with Capture and Sketch so that we can provide updates for both at the same time, ”notes Microsoft. It will also benefit from a new location in the Start menu.

More customization

Otherwise, the build 21354 preview for Dev Channel Insiders is enriched with new options to customize the feed based on interests. Hovering over the weather section in the taskbar, a “Manage interests” button is displayed and takes you to a page that allows users to set their preferences. Microsoft is also adding the “Tune your feed” setting to the left of the “My Interests” page, to allow users to follow Microsoft’s media partners.

These new customization features are currently available to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia.

There is also a new “Camera” section in the “Settings” application, which allows users to install and configure the front and rear cameras on a Windows 10 PC. This section is located in Settings> Devices> Camera. A “Configure” button allows you to modify the default brightness and contrast.

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