Windows 11: Android apps improve keyboard support and fix a few bugs

Microsoft continues to release regular updates to its Android subsystem for Windows 11. The new August 2022 release adds keyboard support for joystick games, as well as the ability to aim with arrows, among other things. In addition, several bug fixes and improvements have been made.

Credits: Microsoft

Available since February for Windows 11, Android apps continue to receive a lot of attention from Microsoft. Indeed, the much-anticipated functionality still leaves room for improvement, and the Redmond-based firm understands this. Therefore, the latter regularly releases updates to fix some bugs and optimize its work, as it was in July.

So this month, make a new release with a new update that brings its fair share of improvements. Android subsystem version 2206.40000.15.0 focuses on gaming applications, although several other bugs have also been fixed. On the other hand, please note that it is currently only available in the United States, although it should not take long to arrive in our regions. Of course, you must have a Windows 11 PC to use it.

Here is a list of Android subsystem improvements in Windows 11.

The main improvement of this update is at the level of application keyboard support. So joystick compatible games can now be played on the keyboard, and movements have been reconfigured for the WASD keys (which will likely become ZQSD when the update is available in France). Similarly, controller support has been optimized. Added to this is the ability to aim and slide using the arrow keys in the respective games.

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Finally, Microsoft has made several fixes and improvements, the full list is below:

  • Scroll improvements
  • Network connectivity improvements
  • Android default minimum window size is 220dp.
  • Improved dialog when an unsupported VPN is detected.
  • New ability to view/save diagnostic data in the Windows Subsystem Settings app for Android.
  • Security Updates
  • General reliability fixes, including diagnostic sizing improvements
  • Graphic Improvements

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