Windows 11 has been updated; here are the top six

Microsoft has released a new Windows update that will gradually be available to users of this operating system.

Known as Windows 11 2022 or 22H2, this version adds additional features to laptop and desktop operating systems.

According to Microsoft’s official website, this update aims to highlight four important things for the tech company: make PCs easier and safer to use for everyone, empower people to be more productive, make Windows a better place to connect, create, and play , and improve safety, manageability and flexibility in the workplace.

New features in Windows 11 in 2022

Instant layouts are one of the advanced features of the operating system. In addition to making it easier to manage device screen space with multiple browser tabs, they have been optimized for use on touchscreen PCs.

Focus and Do Not Disturb sessions were implemented to improve user productivity by eliminating distracting messages on the side of the screen. In addition, the Do Not Disturb feature disables taskbar icons and app notifications.

Session Focus and Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 11 (Microsoft)

In addition, since rest also contributes to productivity, Focus is integrated with a watch program that will prompt users to take periodic breaks.

Windows Studio Effects is a new application that was included in this new version of the operating system due to the importance of computers for remote work today. Using artificial intelligence (AI), it aims to improve the visual and audio quality of the computer so that users can see each other more clearly while video chatting.

This feature includes a “Voice Focus” feature that filters out background noise, a “Background Blur” feature that lets you see only the person appearing on the screen, an eye contact feature that “helps you connect better with the people we’re talking to “. ”, and an auto framing function that keeps the camera focused on a person even if they are moving.

Clipchamp, a video editor with tons of templates and effects to make it easier to work with videos, has been introduced in the latest version of Windows for users who are also content creators on video platforms.

Clipchamp on Windows 11 (Microsoft)Clipchamp on Windows 11 (Microsoft)

Windows 11 introduced a new look for the Photos app to make it easier to view, find, and manage everyone’s photo collection. It also allows you to back up photos to be uploaded to OneDrive.

The use of “Sharing with the environment” and “Smart application management” has been improved for those who use many devices during the day. In the area of ​​cyber security, improvements have been made to features designed to protect businesses and organizations from future cyber attacks.

Installing Windows 11 version 2022

Even if this new version of Windows has already started rolling out, it’s likely that many people haven’t been able to download it yet; however, they can check if they have it or not. Installation can be done manually or automatically.

To start the download, the user must go to the Configuration menu and navigate to the Windows Update option of the device they are currently using. Once in the update management interface, click on the “Check for updates” button and wait for the updated version of the system to appear.

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