Windows 11 latest update fixes File Explorer bug

Microsoft claims to have fixed an issue that was causing File Explorer to crash for some Windows 11 users.

In its latest optional cumulative pre-release update KB5015882, the Redmond-based giant has made a total of 20 improvements to its latest operating system.

Among them, two are related to File Explorer crashes, namely: the program stops working when users press the play and pause buttons on the keyboard of certain devices, and the program stops working when the user invokes the Start menu submenu (Win+X). ) while an external screen is connected to its terminal.

Installing a patch

This update should not be confused with the cumulative updates that are released as part of Patch Tuesday. This update is optional and does not address vulnerabilities or other cybersecurity issues. Instead, it only brings functional improvements and fixes. Plus, it’s in preview mode, which means most users won’t get it until next month (August in this case).

To prompt the operating system to install this update, users should go to Settings > Windows Update and select Check for Updates. If optional updates are available, users will be prompted to download and install them.

In addition to these two updates, Microsoft has also introduced the ability to receive urgent notifications even when startup assistance is enabled, as well as the ability to update Windows 11 to the latest version on first launch.

It also fixed an issue that resulted in a blank window that could not be closed when users hovered over the search icon in the taskbar, as well as an issue that prevented some troubleshooting tools from opening.

A complete list of system enhancements and bug fixes, as well as detailed explanations of each individual fix, can be found in support bulletin KB5015882 at this link. (will open in a new tab)

Via: BleepingComputer (will open in a new tab)

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