Windows 11 may appear at the end of October, 1 million hacked bank cards, summarize “

More than a million pirated bank card numbers are available online, criminals impersonate free employees in order to deceive users, a new release date for Windows 11 is indicated, this is a summary. “

Don’t be fooled by phone scams and rejoice because Windows 11 may arrive faster than you expected! We’ll tell you everything in today’s resume …

1 million pirated bank cards made available online

Hacking credit cards is one of the most brutal in existence, as it gives hackers access to their victims’ savings. Damien Bankal, a journalist and cybersecurity researcher, recently discovered a huge database containing about a million bank cards from around the world. It contains 16 digits of the card, the date of its validity, CVV, as well as the name of the owner, the most serious of which is undoubtedly the fact that the list is available free of charge to anyone who knows where to look. Damien Bankal lists several dozen interested countries, including Morocco, Australia, the United States of America, Italy, Turkey and Canada. France has not spared more than 40,000 people affected by piracy. The researcher explains that a hacker already well known in the field would host this giant database on the Internet in order to promote his store on the black market.

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Beware, fake toll-free employees might try to rob you

UFC-Que Choisir recently uncovered a new phone scam in which fake Free employees called subscribers to obtain personal information. To add credibility to their scheme, criminals begin by listing the client’s name, first name, and address, information likely obtained from the dark web, in order to ensure confidentiality to the interlocutor from the very beginning of the process. They then unveil Infotel, an anti-phone proposal that lowers the subscription price from € 39.99 to € 26.89 per month. From there, the scammer asks for information such as the date of birth, email address, and finally the victim’s bank details. Therefore, in the slightest doubt, it is best to avoid passing on your personal information to those who offer questionable offers.

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Windows 11: New release date announced

While Microsoft shed some light on what’s new in Windows 11 last June, the exact date of the new operating system’s availability has remained a big mystery to this day. In a document available online, Microsoft reveals its battle plan for deploying the operating system, especially with regard to PC hardware manufacturers’ drivers. We learned that manufacturers must submit their drivers to Microsoft by September 24 to obtain a hardware certification. Therefore, we can hope that the RTM version of Windows 11 will be rolled out shortly after, perhaps a month after the fatal date for manufacturers, that is, during the 3rd week of October. Thus, a new revision of the operating system may be released earlier than expected, provided that everything goes well and no major bugs are found before the OS is released.

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