Windows 11 may get Windows 10 search bar

Microsoft recently tested several possible design changes for Windows 11, such as desktop widgets, and now the company is experimenting with bringing back the Windows 10 feature.

This week, Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 Preview Build 25158 to the Windows Insider Dev channel, which includes three new taskbar search button designs, each tested on a random group of people. One is just a more colorful version of the current search with blue instead of the current dark grey, while the other two options are larger search bars that approximate the default design of Windows 10.


Another interface change is also being tested: notification icons for widgets. If one of your widgets has an alert, it may display an icon at the top of the widget tray on the taskbar. Clicking to open the widget panel shows a warning. The current implementation looks a bit confusing as the taskbar widget button still shows the weather, but the notification icon could be for something not weather related (e.g. breaking news).

The taskbar has been one of the major points of contention with Windows 11 as it has been rebuilt from Windows 10 and it still lacks some features that were in earlier versions. For example, the taskbar still cannot (officially) be moved to the left or right side of the screen.

Microsoft plans to evaluate feedback on the taskbar before rolling it out to more people. It’s also possible that all of these changes will be dropped in the next preview release – that’s the nature of cutting-edge software.

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