Windows 11, Microsoft confirms second Moment update in 2023

Since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has changed the nature of its operating system. Like macOS, it has become a continuous development service rather than a series of separate versions.

However, this choice has changed over the years. The schedule has been modified and adapted. The latest change came with the launch of Windows 11. Microsoft announced that it will now offer “one major update per year” and developments and new features will be delivered through special updates, Moment MAJ.

Some reports have announced that Microsoft will only offer one Moment update this year, leaving Windows 11 23H2 aside. Now we can say that this rumor is false as the 23H2 version is still up to date. This was officially announced by Redmond on February 28.

Windows 11 23H2, next fall appointment

The software giant explained that Windows 11 will continue to receive feature updates, with a second update to be released in the second half of the year. On the other hand, Windows 11 23H2 expected in the fall will not be as “important” as Windows 22H2. It will be a smooth evolution of the 22H2 with some nice improvements.

One of the most promising will affect such a stellar application as file explorer. A new version is in the works and the firm is already teasing fans about it.

Windows 11, a new file manager has been discovered

It is possible that Moment 3 will appear in the form of some kind of service pack. The latter converts 22H2 to 23H3, activating the dormant functions.

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