Windows 11: Microsoft now displays notification icons on its widgets

Windows 11 Build 25158 is now rolling out to testers in the Dev channel and contains many improvements, such as support for notification badges for widgets.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 Insider Preview (Build 25158), now available on the Dev channel, will bring back some of the old taskbar features that some might like, as well as adding new icons for widgets. Notification icons can act as alerts or alerts for various widgets such as the weather and let you know how many notifications are waiting to be viewed.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can click the notification icon to open the widget table. A new banner at the top of the table will provide additional information about what caused the notification icon to appear. Of course, you can disable this feature or remove the widget icon from the taskbar.

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What other changes does the new build of Windows 11 bring?

In addition to icons for widgets, Microsoft is currently testing three different visual changes to the taskbar. One uses the regular search icon, while the other two include a small or large search bar on the taskbar. Microsoft wants to get feedback on these changes from insiders before rolling them out more widely. Unfortunately for those who were hoping to change the location of the taskbar, Microsoft has officially announced that it will remain at the bottom.

windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 Build 25158 also allows you to enable DNS over TLS, a new protocol in addition to DNS over HTTPS (DoH), which is already included in the operating system. DNS over TLS is a feature that requires no additional steps and can only be enabled using the command line.

In addition, Windows Insiders on the Dev channel will also be able to start testing the new Camera app for Windows 11. The design has been updated to match Windows 11 and now includes support for reading photos, QR, and barcodes.

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