Windows 11: Microsoft unveils a Focus Sessions feature

For the Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft mentions the arrival of a feature introduced as Focus Sessions. Such sessions or concentration sessions will be available with the app Alarms and clock which allows you to configure a timer, an alarm or even start a stopwatch.

In a short promotional video published by Panos Panay, it is an integration of the music service Spotify that is highlighted with Focus Sessions. ” It was a game-changer for me, especially with the integration of Spotify “Says Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer.

The Sessions Focus interface lets foresee the possibility of setting a duration of time and a possible break, and of selecting a task for a session. With Spotify, for example, it will be a matter of creating a timer to work and accomplish a task while listening to a playlist.

Achieve Your Goals and Do More with Focus Sessions “, can one read. The functionality proposes a follow-up of the daily progress during the sessions of concentration. A kind of gamification with a playful aspect in the manner of certain applications of productivity.

Focus Sessions is like an evolution of the Windows 10 Concentration Assistant, in the spirit of the hybrid and flexible work that Windows 11 is supposed to stick to.


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