Windows 11: Next update optimizes tablet mode usage

Microsoft intends to quickly offer the next Windows 11 update called Moment 2. The American firm has just shown this version on video. We can see that the operating system interface has been optimized for use in tablet mode.

Microsoft has started moving around updates. In addition to offering a new major version every year, regular updates are planned offering new features, also known as “Moments”, to improve the user experience of the operating system.

So we were able to spot the Moment 1 in October 2022. Now the Redmond-based company has teased the Moment 2. In a Windows Insider video, the Microsoft team showcased this latest update.

Called “Windows 11 Preview Build 23003.ni_moment_directdash_dev1.221018-160,” this version of Windows doesn’t say much, but it still reveals its direction. Indeed, Microsoft is showing how the interface adapts to use in the tablet mode native to touchscreen PCs.

The video thus shows that when a laptop under Windows 11 switches to tablet mode, the interface changes. Thus, the taskbar loses its size and is replaced by a white bar, like on iPhone and Android smartphones. The user can then touch it with their finger and slide it up to display and access applications on the taskbar.

Other versions of the Moment 2 update should list other new features in the coming weeks. However, the emphasis seems to be really placed on using it in tablet mode. Indeed, the latest updates offered through the Insider Program are focused on using Windows 11 on touchscreens.

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