Windows 11: The Xbox app finally got the rights to its widget

Windows 11 wants to push video games forward, and Microsoft’s latest find is widgets. The Xbox app will soon have its own app that will let you see at a glance what’s new in the service.

Windows 11 does its best to make video games stand out, in particular with innovations such as automatic HDR, Direct Storage, or the Xbox app, which is now installed by default. Microsoft wants to go further by including this app in widgets.

Indeed, a new build of Windows 11 has been released under the number 25174. It is currently dedicated to the Insiders of the Development channel. Mostly bug fixes and adjustments here and there, as well as the inclusion of the Xbox app in widgets.

Xbox App Appears in Widgets

This widget will allow you to see news about the Game Pass service at a glance, such as recently added games or games that will no longer be available. It will also highlight games you might like and even let you see reviews online if you’re unsure. An interesting fact: if you click on this widget, it will not open a web page (like others), but the application itself. Microsoft is taking great care to push its ecosystem forward once again.

As a reminder, widgets are included in a special icon (can be disabled) or by pressing Windows + W. In a future update, it will be possible to pin it to the taskbar. New available games will appear on your screen automatically. It’s still much easier than manually opening a special window, isn’t it?

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As of now, Microsoft hasn’t given a release date for the Xbox Widget to the general public. However, we can assume that all the new features included in Windows 11 beta builds will arrive in a major update next October. We remind you that Microsoft intends to supplement its OS with a major update every year. Windows 11 has been available since October 2021 and is free for all Windows 10 users.

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