Windows 11: this is what the new Paint looks like and there is a change

Paint has been a staple of Windows since its inception. Graphics software will obviously be back in Windows 11 and today we have a first idea of ​​its design. Unsurprisingly, we have software that is very similar to the rest of the OS visually speaking.

Paint is indestructible and will be back on Windows 11. Besides, you can already use it if you are currently in beta. However, we have the “old” version until Microsoft rolls out the new one. Today we have a good idea of ​​what it will look like.

Microsoft had so far not really shown the new Paint. We had just gotten a glimpse of the ribbon, but no more. It was enough to see that this one was going to undergo a major redesign, with revised and corrected icons, this time round.

Microsoft shows what Paint looks like for Windows 11

The Redmond firm today gives a new overview of its software. No official presentation with great fanfare, since it simply broadcast a new visual on the Unsplash image bank, which can be admired above. We can see the software running on a tablet (with a stylus) and a fully open window. No big revolution, but we noticed some notable changes: the color palette is getting a new look, the “Cancel” and “Repeat” icons are no longer located at the top of the window, but have the right to their own menu … In general, the entire icon bar is getting a big facelift. Of course, we still have the good old Paint that we have always known, but this time, with a readjusted graphical environment.

It is not yet known when Microsoft will release this new version of Paint on Windows 11. The beta version, which already offers a number of design innovations, welcomes new products drop by drop. For example, Teams only arrived recently and still a good number of software are still dragging their Windows 10 version. But rest assured, everything will be ready for the release scheduled for next October.

As a reminder, Windows 11 was presented on June 24 and wants to remain in the continuity of Windows 10, while bringing its share of novelties. Design level, Microsoft has revised everything from scratch with visual codes based on roundness and transparency. Likewise, the taskbar is now at the center of the user experience. Other new features, such as the full integration of Teams or the arrival of Android applications, will change the way we use a PC. At least that’s the promise.

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