Windows 11 updates and improves its “gaming” part!

The new Windows 11 update includes several new features such as the famous controller pad (Windows Key + G), optimizations for windowed mode gaming, and new HDR calibration options.

The new control panel is an improvement over Windows 10. For example, pressing the Xbox button on a controller connected to your PC (wired or not) will give you direct access to recently played games.

That’s not all, this update directly improves graphics and windowed gaming under DirectX 10 and 11. With this update, an all-level HDR calibration system is available:

You can learn more about this new HDR system right here.

The Windows 11 2022 Update brings a number of graphics and gaming improvements. First, games in windowed mode under DirectX 10 and 11 will benefit from significant improvements in display latency, automatic HDR, and variable refresh rates (VRR). Previously, these features were only available for full-screen games. You can learn more about this feature here.


Microsoft Edge was not spared (Windows 10/11)!

Microsoft Edge is also getting an update. In addition to Microsoft Rewards points that can be earned through the browser and access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which are already available, other features will appear.

Built-in Clarity Boost makes cloud gaming clearer and crisper when played in Microsoft Edge on Windows. In addition, Efficiency Mode improves game performance on Windows 10/11 by automatically reducing browser resource usage when running a PC game. The new Gaming home page helps gamers find and play their favorite games, while the new Games menu provides one-click access to free games.


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