Windows 11 will let you share local files with OneDrive

Microsoft released Windows 11 Build 25163 this week with the Insiders of the Dev channel. The main novelty of this build is the ability to share local files with OneDrive, the ability to select this option in the Sharing dialog box that includes the operating system.

With this update, Windows 11 is getting one of the most used features by iOS and Android users. Now, with the desktop version of OneDrive, we can directly upload files to the Microsoft cloud. So we don’t have to open the OneDrive website and drag and drop files or sync files with the client.

Windows 11 will offer more options when sharing with OneDrive

Sharing files via OneDrive provides the user with several benefits (provided they have cloud storage space). Among them, detailing when granting access rights, the ability to share a file with a specific user or via a link, set an expiration date or access password, or even prevent the recipient from changing the file, stands out.

This feature uses the Share dialog included with Windows 11, so we can launch it directly from applications that support it: File Explorer, Photos, Crop and Annotate, Xbox…

Also notable are the improvements to Neighborhood Sharing in build 25163. This feature uses a Bluetooth connection to discover nearby devices and then uses the Wi-Fi network to send files between devices.

The novelty is related to the use of the UDP protocol instead of TCP. When using UDP, this feature is faster because it does not require a constant connection between devices and eliminates error checking during transport. This task is simplified as it falls to the transfer application, which will now take care of making sure everything goes well during the connection.

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